A   B O L D   B E T 

In 2015, Angela had been living in Toronto for almost 2 years where she was working at a world-renowned salon, TONI&GUY. Jessica was in their native Montreal working as a marketing director 24/7. Having just got out of a relationship and missing her best friend, her part-time job had basically become harassing Angela to move back home. For selfish reasons, obviously.

One day, Angela announced that she had been nominated for the North American photographic awards in two categories. Jessica jumped on the opportunity to give Angela the “sign” she needed to move back home. “If you win, come back home and we’ll open a salon together in Griffintown. You'll love it, I just got a condo there.” Angela laughed and said yes.


Obviously not being aware of her talent and her potential to actually win. I guess you know how it ends...Angela won not one but, 2 awards. She came 1st place in the hair color category and 2nd place in the men’s hair cuts category. The rest isn’t history, it’s just the beginning.


Blunt is our passion and our baby. It’s built on integrity, friendship and the belief that if you keep pushing your limits and taking risks, life gets a lot more colorful.


B E  B L U N T 

L O V E  U S 

Let’s get one thing straight… Being real & blunt doesn’t mean Not caring about your looks & Not having to impress anyone. It`s about self-expression and having the confidence to act on it. Changing it up, Chopping it off, Coloring or Lightening your way Just because that`s what you're into.

We’re not pretentious, we’re artists. We won’t judge where you’re coming from, and it doesn’t matter where you’re going. We care that you come & go with the best hair,  turning heads along the way. This is our art and this is our mantra. Beauty shines from within, We aim to highlight it.



A True Girl’s Girl 


Angela started her career as a hairstylist in Montreal at 19 years old, a vocational calling inspired by her mother before her. She always had a knack for beauty—from hair styling/color to high fashion—that would forever change the course of her life. Her sheer talent and boisterous personality made her a local gem. After several years of working in a Montreal salon, Angela craved more. At 23 she moved to Toronto to work for Toni&Guy and enhanced cutting and coloring techniques through advanced education provided by the international academy. 


Toronto loved her and she became one of the most successful and sought after hair stylists in the city. However, recognition for her talent extended beyond the borders of her native Canada. Angela’s thirst for creativity and drive for success landed her an award for Best Colorist in North America. Being a woman of her word, she made a bet with her best friend that had she won, she would move back to Montreal and open her own salon. She vowed to hone in on all her experience in hairdressing, customer service, and education to ensure a successful formula and a bullet-proof business model. At 25 years old a young entrepreneur was born. After months of meticulous planning and preparation, Coiffure Blunt came into existence and currently sits at the top of Montreal’s best rated hair salons.


Angela’s intrinsic drive for innovation, reinvention and growth, allows her to constantly keep both her business and artistry relevant. While her left-brain is saturated with artistic ideas, her right-sided entrepreneurial skills quench her thirst for problem-solving and developing business strategies that maintain her salon’s front-runner status. She believes that beauty lies in a woman’s confidence and character, being not only an advocate but catalyst for women’s empowerment every time a client chooses to grace her salon or tune into her podcast; Gracefully Unfiltered. There she inspires women to come together and clarify misconceptions all while promoting that nice girls don’t finish last - they win. 


Today’s women of influence are yesterday’s women, once captivated by the influential impact of another woman. Angela could not justify her candidacy for the RBC Women of Influence Award, without commemorating the moments and the women in her life who once influenced her. Her mission is to inspire and grow women so they in turn positively influence other women.


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