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"Beauty shines from within, we aim to highlight it."

Blunt Hair

Why you'll love Blunt

At Coiffure Blunt, we’re not pretentious, we’re artists. We won’t judge where you’re coming from or where you’re headed. We just care that you come & go with the best hair,  turning heads along the way. We believe that beauty shines from within and our aim is to highlight it.

Stalk before you book

Check out the work of our amazing team of hairdressers/hairstylists and colorists!

Blunt Salon Reception


From babylights, to balayages, bomb blowouts and blunt cuts, we've got you covered. Hair health is always our top priority so we offer consultation services for first time visitors because healthy hair is the most beautiful kind.


"Here to make you shine."

Meet our all-star hair team

"Blunt, no filter"

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