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Blonding Services

Blunt's been labeled Montreal's top hair salon for blonding techniques. Our team is talented, efficient, excited and above all our main focus is blonding while maintaining hair health. This group of services are referred to as lightening or blonding services. The difference between these services are explained on our FAQ page. If you don't find your answer there, please call the salon and our receptionists will be able to guide you with which service to book. Of course, every coloring service starts with a color consultation in-salon. This is for the colorist to fully understand the result you're looking for. If you've never been to the salon and are looking for a transformation or just some ideas, you can book a color consultation. 

Color Consultation  $50



Half Head  $110 - $200+

Full Head  $190 - $280+



Half Head  $140 - $230+

Full Head  $215 - $330+



Balayage GO LIGHTER  $190 - $270 + 

Balayage SUNKISSED  $165 - $215 + 

Balayage BOMBSHELL  $340 - $450 + 

Balayage PLATINUM ROOTS  $160 + 

ROOT MELT  $125 - $150 + 

Toner  $65 - $75 +


Still not sure?

What's the difference between highlights & a balayage?
Sunkissed vs. Go Lighter? This and other questions answered in our glossary!

(But we always recommend to book a color consultation!)

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