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Scalp Health

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp

Our Scalp Facial treatment is that deep clean your scalp has been longing for. It goes deep in your pores to remove buildup that shampoos and scrubs just cannot get too making space for your hair to grow quicker and stronger. Not only will we pave the way for healthier hair, we will also help treat other scalp issues. Dandruff? Oily scalp? Eczema? Psoriasis? We got you covered. Through our in depth analysis, we can identify what’s actually happening and how to properly take care of it. 

Scalp facial with blowdry 
(short to long hair)  

Scalp facial with blowdry 
(extra short hair)  

Frequently asked questions about our SCALP FACIAL  

What is the blunt scalp facial?

The BLUNT SCALP FACIAL is an intense/deep cleansing service for your scalp. It removes all the harsh deposits on your scalp and in between the hair and the epidermis. This relieves pressure on the hair providing more space to breathe and grow. Shampoo, color, harsh water, dry shampoo, pollution, and sebum fill up your pores making it harder for hair to push through, this weakens your hair and makes it feel limp and thin. This treatment goes much deeper than just a clarifying shampoo or a scrub and is usually followed by an at home regimen that is personalized for you and your scalp. This service is a form of Trichology.

What is trichology?

Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp. It’s perceived as the “bridge between cosmetology and dermatology.” It is the paramedical science of the hair, hair loss and associated scalp problems.

What can I expect when I book a BLUNT SCALP FACIAL?

When you come for a BLUNT SCALP FACIAL, We start by discussing your main scalp and hair concerns. We then look at the form you previously filled at home  to get a broader look at what might be going on. We use a 200x magnified camera to take pictures of the scalp and identify what is happening (thinning, oily scalp, dry scalp, dandruff, blocked pores etc). We  proceed to the treatment and we also treat your hair at the same time with a Kerastase Fusio Dose. We then perform a blowdry to offer you a full experience and to make you see and feel the difference on your hair and scalp . Once the treatment is done, you will be recommended a personalized “at home hair care routine”. 

How many times do i need to come back? 

Depending on your scalp, treatments can be done seasonally or monthly. Your specialist will guide you on your personal needs.

I have colored hair, can i still do this treatment? 

Yes you can totally get this treatment done if your hair is colored. Due to the deep cleansing, color may lighten so we suggest booking your coloring service 1 week later and not directly before your BLUNT SCALP FACIAL. 


You are not sure?

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