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Hair Botox / Nanoplastia Services

Our Hair botox and nanoplastia hair services are treatments your hair needs to get you through a Montreal Summer, or Winter. They will repair, rehydrate, remove frizz and reduce your GRWM time. If you always wondered what it felt like to wash and go, this treatment will bring that dream to life. 

Service Botox Service

(fine to medium hair)  $270+

(medium to thick hair)  $325+

(thick or long hair)  $375+


(fine to medium hair)  $375+

(medium to thick hair)  $425+

(thick or long hair)  $475+

Frequently asked questions about Montreals best Hair Botox and Nanoplastia Hair Services 

What is a hair botox service

Hair Bottox doesn’t actually inject your hair with botox, we wish. It’s name comes from the effect of botox injections in the skin. When you inject botox, your fine lines dissappear making your skin look more youthful,  full, glow-y and plump.

Hair Botox gives the same appearance to your hair while working completely differently. 

Hair is made up of 18 amino acids. Over time, and through heat, bleaching, bad shampoo etc the amino acids are lost or weakened. Hair botox restructures the hair making it feel healthier and refreshed without changing your natural texture. 

What is a Nanoplastia service

Similar to Hair Botox, a Nanoplastia hair servic  fills in all the lost amino acids in your hair. Not only does this service restructure your hair, add shine, repair and rehydrate, it straightens the hair  between 70-90% and removes a large part of frizz. 

What is the major difference between a hair Botox service and a Nanoplastia hair service?

The main difference between a hair botox service and a nanoplastia hair service is that nanoplastia has the additional straigtening and frizz removing benefits. 

How long does a hair Botox service last 

With the right products, a Hair botox service can last up to 3 months. We recommend using sulfate free shampoo and not dunking your hair in salt water. 

How long does a Nanoplastia hair service last 

With the right products, a nanoplastia hair service can last up to 3 months. We recommend using sulfate free shampoo and not dunking your hair in salt water. 

I have colored hair, can I still do this treatment? 

Yes you can totally get this treatment done if your hair is coloured. Keep in mind the treatment needs to sit in your hair for 48 hours without any contact with water. We recommend colouring your hair first. 

Why do I need a hair Botox service or a Nanoplastia hair service

If you live in Montreal, you understand the humidity in this city is real. Nanoplastia and Hair botox is the service your hair needs to survive a Montreal summer. Also, if you live in Montreal, you've probably already booked your European summer and therefor need a botox or a Nanoplastia as well. Who wants to spend an hour in a bathroom blowdrying their hair when they can be in the sun drinking a Spritz. 


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