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BODYBUILDER BONDS: Solving your thin hair struggles.

This is about to change your every

morning struggle,

too-thin ponytail,

blowdry & hair flip.

Basically, your life...

The Blunt team has been working on this for a while and it's finally here! Unlike regular extensions, BodyBuilder bonds work with the current length of your hair to add thickness and volume to your ends without damaging or thinning your hair.


This works with a special installation method of keratin bonds that is more comfortable to wear and easier on your hair. We add light-weight strands to large sections of hair located behind your ears & at your nape for comfort and to reduce the stress on your natural hair.


This one is from Massimo. His client wanted more face framing pieces. Massimo added the BodyBuilder bonds around her nape & ears then layered the pieces to blend with her natural hair.